"MFA is a collection of manifestations. It's personal custom artwork, and above all the energy I want to present the world with."

Meet The Artist

Frankie hutchinson
-aka- mountain face

Hey, I'm Frankie. I'm just a Minnesota kid, with dyslexia and anxiety trying to make a place for herself. I grew up in the land of 10,000 lakes, but was raised by the places and people I met spending my teen and young adult years traveling, skiing, surfing and learning. I never saw myself as anything but an artist, though I admit sometimes I tried..

Mountain Face Arts


Mountain Face is a fashion and art brand rooted in the idea that art moves us, impacts any moment of our day, and will create a welcoming place for all of us to share.

This brand was created for the curious, the wandering, mountain lovers and beach babes. Mountain Face is an outlet for me to showcase my spirit. In hopes of my creations making someone's day just a little brighter.  

curiously driven
welcoming to all kinds
always exploring
keep creating
enjoy the ride
Core Values
About Mountain Face Arts

Hey! I'm Frankie


Art has always fueled my world. Without a creative outlet I was aimlessly wandering through the day. A paint brush allowed me to release emotions, feelings and ideas I didn't know what to do with.

Growing up my mom and dad welcomed my creative side, they made our home a canvas and my life a playground. My grandmother would say “You're my creative girl, promise you’ll go to art school”. So in 2015 I did. I studied Fine Art before transferring and receiving my BFA in Fashion Merchandising and Design from the San Francisco Academy of Art. For a Number of years I put that degree to work at numerous fashion and home boutiques. At 19 I remodeled and managed my first store, attended a fashion market, and dreamed about what to shoot for next.

I loved working in stores, but quickly decided that I needed to explore something fresh. I’ve been building Mountain Face Arts for years. Dreaming, thinking, planning, sometimes falling but always getting back at it. I am incredibly thankful to give this brain child life. Welcome to my head, I think and I in shoes and colors <3

Creating is part of the process

Step One

An empty canvas.

Step Two

Staying curious through creation.

Step Three

Finding the joy.

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